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Monday, 20 September 2010 00:38


Several people have asked how to join our club and become part of the FCRCC (Franklin County Radio Control Club).   This is a brief guide on how to do exactly that!    Being a member comes with a lot of benefits, the largest being that you can fly there whenever you choose because our AMA insurance policy will cover your flying.   (The only time a member can't fly is when school is in session next door at the Franklin Tech school or when they have sports games in the fields adjacent to ours. Non members CANNOT fly unless a FCRCC member is present.)

NOTE:  If you support the hobby and our club, but DON'T FLY, you can become a member directly without becoming an AMA member (skip step 2).  But if you want to fly then you need to do Step 2.  The rates vary for non-members, so please check out the form in Step 3 for rate information.  Also we have discounted rates for juniors and seniors.

STEP 1:  Visit our club

As you would a new car, try out the club first and get a feel for if you like it or not.  Now that we have public trainers, and typically one of us brings a laptop so that you can try out the simulator, its a great place to learn, ask questions, and see if you'd like to join up.  Its no pressure because we are a place that promotes the spirit of fun!!  Plus we can explain to you how it is MUCH cheaper than you may think to join up.

STEP 2: Sign up for AMA insurance

So what if I told you that for $75 a year, you can get a full magazine subscription to a model airplane magazine worth reading, support a national group that promotes and protects the hobby we love -- flying models, AND gives you 2.5 MILLION DOLLARS OF INSURANCE in case, God forbid, that your plane was to hit someone or something?  Its true!

AMA member is pretty good for what you get.  But it is REQUIRED to join any club.  The reason is that our club is an AMA affiliate and you must be a member of AMA to have the insurance cover you.

To join go to this web site:

STEP 3:  Fill out Membership form

Please download and fill out our membership form which is available here:  Membership Form

If you bring it down to the club one of our members will sign off on it.


Flying model airplanes is a challenging and exciting hobby.  It isn't something that you can learn overnight and be perfect at, but with time and practice in a safe environment like our club, you can grow and become a successful RC model pilot!


  1. You can fly whenever the tech school isn't in session as a member
  2. We have a beautiful facility, one of the best in the area (if you've visited other clubs you know this is true) and we pay a rent per year to keep this field to the town of Montague.   Your dues help pay our rent which keeps us flying at this facility.
  3. As our club grows we'll be able to do more.  Some of our ideas is to have more BBQs, expand the club house so that we have a nice shaded section people can sit under, maintain the club trainer planes that were generously donated, rent a porta-potty, etc.


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