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Wednesday, 15 July 2009 13:56




Our Club started in the 1970s and has existed to this day at the Turners Falls Airport in Turners Falls Massachusetts.   We are a smaller group, so we always do what we can to encourage growth and community.  We also have a field that is fairly remote from residential areas, which means that we shouldn't have a problem with disturbing people.   It's a great place for folks to gather and to fly the aircraft that they love.  Our members all have the same interest; FLY FOR FUN!

Airplanes, Helicopters, FPV aircraft, Combat Wings, or anything that will fly under Radio Control (RC) is welcome here!

WE ARE A 7 DAY A WEEK CLUB, which means that if you are a member, you can fly 7 days a week.  We ask that members flying in the morning to early afternoon during school hours, (In the months of April, May, Sept, Oct) use common sense regarding noise and be mindful of people occupying the fields during school hours.  There is absolutely no flying during FCTS Football games and we ask that if there is something going on at one of their sports fields to check it out and make sure it is safe if you plan to fly.

Our group gathers TUESDAY EVENINGS (usually around 5 or 5:30pm till dark) and SUNDAYS from 11 to 3, weather permitting.  This is the best time to stop by and check out our club and meet the members.  If you are a non-member, you can fly on our buddy-box during this time, we'd be happy to show you the hobby!

We hope you can join us soon!

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